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dressed style.

x Sam


Samantha Brown is a world-renowned professional personal stylist and celebrity stylist in NYC. She has been working with men and women to refine their personal style for over a decade. She will help you to curate your style for a special event, rebuild your work wardrobe to ensure you have a seat at the boardroom table, or guide you on how to put together a uniform of staple pieces that will last for seasons to come. Whether it’s classic tailoring, current trends, or discovering which colors, shapes and styles suit your body type, Samantha will help you discover your signature look.


Get to know Samantha with a complimentary consultation. Tell her about any concerns you may have with the way you currently dress. She will then propose solutions on how you can collaborate, to get the look you desire.


Discover the great work Samantha has been doing, both professionally, and through the organizations she supports.